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Srirangapatna is a “historical town” located 120 kms from Bangalore and a mere 25 kms from mysore city centre. It primarily known for its forts, temples and as the death & resting place of Tipu Sultan.

Reaching Srirangapatna
Connected via the national highway which runs through the town, it is easily accessible via road from the two major cities nearby, Bangalore and Mysore which is only 25Km away.

Getting Around Srirangapatna
utorickshaws are available ; Bus service is sporadic in nature. Personal mode of transportation , a rented car or taxicab is recommended.

Popular Tourist Destinations / Things to Do
1. Tipu’s Death Place

The body of Tipu Sultan was found here. Cannot be really termed as a tourist spot since there is not much to see , there is some amount historical significance attached to this location. So a small altar has been constructed here which is maintained by the local government. There is no entry free at the time of this blog. The destination is adjacent to a main road. Spend about 10 mins here.

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2. Sri Ranganathswamy Temple
he most famous temple (and most visited) temple of Srirangapatna. The entrance to the temple is through the huge “gopuram” as shown in the images. The gopuram has beautiful architecture. Photography is prohibited within the temple and it gets extremely crowded in the evenings, especially if it is an auspicious hindu occasion. Be ready to wait for hours. We went on a non-auspicious day and it still took us half an hour for the “darshan”.
Stalls of refreshments line the walkway leading to the temple.
Spend 1-3 Hours here.

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3. Gumbaz
umbaz is a  mausoleum within landscaped garden which holds the graves of Tippu Sultan, his father Hyder Ali and his mother Fakr-Un-Nisa. There are lot of thugs outside charging a bomb for parking. At the time of this blog, it is 40rs for a four wheeler. So park the car at a distance and walk to the spot.

The eyes are greeted with a very well maintained walkway with a landscaped garden on both sides. The walkway leads to the main Gumbaz. Remove footwear at this spot else it will be robbed / taken away never to be found. We personally did not enter the gumbaz since it was late evening but is highly recommended for people visiting the spot. Spend about an hour here.

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4. Dariya Daulat Bagh
ipu’s summer palace and one of the primary attractions of Srirangapatna. The palace itself is located in the midst of a huge landscaped garden. There is a small entry fee (Rs 5/- at the time of the blog). At the time of our visit, the crowd was excessive , so try to make it on a day on which the probability of crowd is lower. (Non-weekends / holidays etc) . The walkway to the palace is lined with trees on both sides. A lot of people visit this place in the evenings just to relax in the garden (due to the low entry fees).

Photography is prohibited within the palace. There is a guard who checks the phones of people (ones who have their phones out) for photos taken using mobile cameras. The walls of the palace is decorated with centuries old artwork depicting the wars and conquests of Tipu sultan and hyder ali. Within the palace, old guns and swords along with artwork featuring the old forts and kings can be found.
Spend about an hour here (2 hours if you intend to relax in the garden)

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There are a couple of more of things within Srirangapatna that we probably missed but covered the important ones. Overall, a day can be spent in Srirangapatna before moving on Mysore maybe.