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The Chennakesava Temple, also referred to as Chennakeshava Temple is a Vaishnava Hindu temple on the banks of River Kaveri at Somanathapura, Karnataka, India. The temple was consecrated in 1258 CE by Somanatha Dandanayaka, a general of the Hoysala King Narasimha III. It is located 38 kilometres (24 mi) east of Mysuru city.The ornate temple is a model illustration of the Hoysala architecture.

Visiting Somnathpura was first part of Somnathpura-Talakad-Shivanasamudra journey which had started at 5 a.m in the morning. It was me,Sanjeeva and Karthik only. On the way to Somnathpura, we stopped at an awesome place called the “Vasu hotel” and relished on some hot puri and idli. We intended to have the dosas there since it is famous for the dosas but unfortunately dosas weren’t ready that early in the morning.

The route took us through many villages and the pleasant weather made the drive very pleasant with the good music system in Karthik’s Car.We reached Somnathpura by 9.30 a.m or so and it took hardly 2.5 hours or so. There is a small entry fee and it is worth it since the place is very well maintained. A big garden leads to the complex. The temple complex itself is huge and the rock carvings are reminiscent of what I saw the Belur temple. In addition, there were hardly any people ; so we got some good shots as well.

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