Day 5 – Ruins of Polonnaruwa

Woke up to an early & delicious breakfast prepared by the cook at our AirBnb stay. We did not have much time in hand since Polonnaruwa was 2 hours away and well..we had to cover it completely. The bus to dambulla can be caught from the junction near sigiriya rock (There is no direct bus to Polonnaruwa). 30 mins and we were at dambula and what do you know, we met up with a polish couple who had lunch on the next table in fernando restaurant. The usual pleasantries were exchanged and they highly recommended a visit to poland in summer season. (winter season, folks from the tropics would probably freeze to death).

After half hour of wait, we caught the bus to Polonnaruwa which took us about 1.5 hours. It was no easy task finding our AirBnB stay, “green rest house” located in new town. The Polonnaruwa ruins, the UNESCO world heritage site is in old town. Post a quick check in, our host arranged a tuk tuck for us who obliged to take us around Polonnaruwa for 2500 LKR. We were quite late to be honest and weren’t sure how much ground we could cover. Starting at 4 p.m, we had 2.5 hours to cover all the ruins. Learning from our mistake at Anuradhapura , this time we ensured that we bought tickets, and from the right authority. In this particular case, tickets are available at museum and cost 2k LKR (for SAARC countries citizens). We managed to cover quite a bit of Polonnaruwa actually and covered almost all the spots. Won’t go into the details of the spots but here are pics.

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The ruins were amazing and are totally worth visiting. However in the process, we ended up quite late for dinner and restaurants in Sri lanka close by 8.Luckily after an hour of searching we located Vishwa’s takeaway the good old way, looking around. For benefit though, it has been added to google maps. The fried rice was pretty good and worth a try for anyone in the vicinity. The next day was our (really) long journey back to galle and we had needed to pack for the 8 hours train journey. Mango root bakery located close to our stay provided us with some tasty bakery items. Our train was scheduled next day at 8 a.m ; so this once we spared our host’s wifi.

>>Day 6 and Rest

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