Abbey Falls

Nestled 9 kms away from the town of Madikeri, the Abbey Falls in Coorg, Karnataka is a spectacular sight popular amongst tourists. A narrow road twisting through the green and dense foliage of beautiful coffee plantations, stocky coffee bushes and spice estates with trees tangled with pepper vines, leads to the Abbey Falls. One can reach the Falls either on foot or by a joyful two wheeler ride.

While walking towards the Falls you will be able to hear the sound of the gushing waters cascading down a rocky gorge. During the monsoon season the Abbey Falls swell up with continuous supply of rain showers and the water rushes down the mountain at enormous speed. The scenic locales around the Abbey Falls make it an ideal picnic spot.

Enjoy this roaring beauty by taking a dip in the cool waters. But bear in mind that the water flow is heavy during monsoon months and the rocks are slippery, so do not try and get into the waters without assistance. It is advisable to enjoy the water within the fenced area. You can also stand on the hanging bridge built across the gorge that offers a spectacular view of the Falls and click pictures.



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