Trip to Ranganthittu Bird sanctuary

Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary is a bird sanctuary in the Mandya District of the state of Karnataka in India. Although the largest bird sanctuary in the state, it covers only 0.67 km2. in area, which is about 40 acres and comprises six islets on the banks of the Kaveri river. Despite the small size, there is a heavy density of variety if species , especially birds; about 170 bird species have been recorded here. During winter months starting from mid-December, at certain seasons, as many as 40,000 birds congregate in this bird sanctuary and some birds come from Siberia, Latin America and parts of north India. Ranganathittu is a popular nesting site for the birds and about 8,000 nestlings were sighted during June 2011.
We reached Ranganthittu by 1 p.m or so.

There is an entry and parking fee , (Don’t remember the amount, I think it was 70 INR per head). There is a cafeteria inside if you want to have food. Additionally there is a huge beautifully maintained park as well.

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You can reach the lake, the main sight for bird watching by crossing the park. There is a fee here again if one intends to go boating. You can join the other people in a single boat in which case fee is lower or take a boat all for yourself for a relatively higher fee. We were three friends and wanted to take the boat to select spots ;so paid the higher fee and rented the boat for 45 mins for just the three of us. The lake as such is not that big and there are islands in the lake where you can find the birds nesting and get some awesome shots of the birds as well.


The boatman will help you out with the names of the birds , so make sure to note those down else you will have a major problem identifying photographed birds later on. We spotted …

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The 45 mins boat ride will feel like very little time , especially due to the variety of bird species which one can sight in the major seasons. After the boat ride, we went around the lake trying to get a few more shots.

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There are a few locations around the lake from where you get a better view of sorts from “Watchtowers”.

Photography enthusiasts can easily spend at least half a day here. Overall,  good fun.


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