ysore is a historical city in Karnataka, 130 Kms from Bangalore and great place to visit for a couple of days. Folks from Bangalore often travel to Mysore for the weekend.

Reaching Mysore
eing a major city , there is no problem reaching via road. At the time of the blog, the mysore airport is almost non-functional. Bangalore has the closest international airport.

Getting Around Mysore
All modes of transportation are available. Cabs, Buses are the most frequently used. On rent four wheeler is best so that the city can be traversed easily and all the tourist spots can be visited quickly.

Popular Tourist Destinations /  Things to Do
here are reasonable number of things to do in mysore. Visiting the Mysore palace easily tops the list, especially during the dusshera festival season. While I have visited Mysore a number of times, the one on which this blogpost is based was a short one. So was able to cover only two major locations.

1. Mysore Zoo
ne of the largest in the country, the zoo is one of the most popular attractions in Mysore and host to a large number of species of animals and birds. Located within Mysore city and easily accessible. There is an entry fee (+ extra for Cameras).

On the day of our visit, there were a little too many people inside and made photography quite a hassle. Note that crowd is excessive on weekends and holidays , so try to visit on weekdays if possible. Parking is also available near the zoo and there is another parking lot located about 0.5 Km away. Restaurants are available near the zoo for a quick bite.
At a slow pace, will take 5 hours to visit the entire zoo.

Tip : It gets quite hot in the summer time. So take care and carry sunscreens, water bottles and some eatables in.

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2. Brindavan Gardens
rindavan Garden located adjacent to KSR dam is another major tourist spot in Mysore. As with the Mysore zoo, the crowds are excessive, especially in the evenings on holidays / weekends as we witnessed.  The reason being the Light and Sound show (Photographs below). There is a small entry fee and parking is available. The gardens are beautiful in the daytime as well but due to time constraints, we reached the gardens in the evening only. Spend about 2-3 hours here. (Early Evening with Daylight to Late  Evening with Light & sound show).

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