Shivanasamudram Falls

Shivanasamudram falls is a segmented type of waterfall located about 130Km from bangalore city. There are two named falls , The  Bharachukki falls and The Gaganachukki falls. Both of them originate from the river Cauvery. The best time to view the water falls is during the Indian Rainy season (Monsoon – July to October). Unfortunately at the time of the visit, there wasn’t enough water to make it breathtaking but enough to make it worth the visit.

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At the time of the visit, thankfully there was less crowd which made up for enough water not being there. A long flight of steps leads the visitors down the falls to the base where the falls forms a pool of sorts which can be entered only the flow of water is not strong. People are not allowed to the base during the monsoon.

Reaching Shivanasamudram falls
ent a four wheeler from Bangalore or Mysore (the nearest big cities). There is a small entry fee. (Rs 20 at the time of the blog)

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1, Carry Sunglasses and Sunscreen
2. Extra Pair of slippers and clothes so that you enter the water if you feel like it
3. The flight of stairs is fairly steep and therefore not recommended for the elderly to go all the way down.


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