Shiva Ganga Hills (Shivagange Betta)

Shiva Ganga or Shivagange is hillock located just 70Kms. from Bangalore and is a favorite for trekkers since it is quite close to the city. In addition, find your spiritual side with the number of temples located along the way to the top.

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The easiest way to reach the sivaganga is via the Tumkur National Highway. Switch on Navigation function since there is a left turn on the highway which one can easily miss. The left turn takes you through a couple of small villages before reaching the hillock. Overall travel time from centre of Bangalore to Sivaganga is approx. 2 – 2.5 Hrs. (1 Hr to cross Bangalore Traffic). From my experience, the best time to go to sivaganga is the early morning for two reasons :
1. Avoid Bangalore Traffic and reach early.
2. Start the climb early. It gets awfully hot in the day time and the rocks reflect heat which make climbing up and by extension climbing down quite difficult and uncomfortable. By starting early, you are down by the time sun is up and this makes for a pleasant experience. Click all the pictures you want on the way down.

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The overall trek distance is approximately 2 kms and the hill is quite steep, especially the last bit to the top. Railings are built to assist climbers. Depending on the rate of ascent, the journey uphill might take approximately 2 – 3.5 hrs. There are a number of resting points & eateries along the way which provide refreshment.  (If climbing early morning, this will not be available, so carry own refreshments)

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There are a lot of monkeys at the top. Be wary since they are known to be mischievous. I have personally witnessed them snatching bags away and looking inside searching for eatables. So don’t eat any food items in the open and risk being attacked.


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The view from the top is amazing. Unfortunately, it was cloudy that morning and I wasn’t able to click good pictures. Well,,there is always a next time.

I found a good blog(Link below) which has a lot of helpful information.

Cheers and Happy trekking






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