Singapore (Day 6)

The last day of our trip was finally here ; the trip until this time was eventful and exciting for sure. The last day’s plan was not too extensive. Some souvenir shopping, palawan beach and finally relax at the “jewel” at Changi airport. Our flight was scheduled for early morning 5 a.m , so we still had a long day (and night) ahead of us.

After some quick breakfast at the hostel and checking out , we reached little india by walk and tried the singapore fried rice. The fried rice was definitely “different” for sure, relatively a lot more vegetable than I get in India for sure and a lot more greasy but tasting great nonetheless. For souvenier shopping, the recommend spot is the Mustafa center located in little India; essentially a massive supermarket selling almost everything at a “discounted” price (by singapore standards). Navigating the mustafa center is task in itself; a lot like india actually; massive number of items jam packed into a relatively small space. We were primarily there for chocolates and find we did. Beyond chocolates, our customary singapore globe and T shirt and we were done with mustafa center.

It was middle of the day by the time we were out of mustafa; out as hell and we had nowhere to go. Flight was still 12+ hours away. Best would be to find another restaurant (with AC). We found ourselves a big bunch of potential restaurants; anandbhavan, sarvanan bhavan etc etc.bhavans. After much deliberation, sarvanan bhavan it was. Inside, sarvanan bhavan was exactly like any other darshini in bangalore , (with seating). People inside were talking in tamil and the cuisine was pure south Indian. We ordered the thali, dosa and chole bhatura. Me and karthik concurred that it was the one of best south Indian meals of our lives. How an Indian restaurant in SGP managed to serve up such authentic south Indian cuisine we don’t know. After a hearty meal, we still had to plan our dinner (given the price of meals at airports). We hunted around online and located a subway very close to our location in a mall. So after a quick walk of 10 minutes, we were in another mall packing our sandwitches.

We still had time left, palawan beach in sentosa was the last place to cover before departing for the airport. Another quick ride on the subway and we made it to palawan beach just before sunset. The beach was pretty crowded with hundreds relaxing on the sand, enjoying the cool water and photographing the sunset. I wanted to get the sunset but it wasn’t that impressive for effort required to take that 2 KG thing out of a packed bag; so I left it and we soaked in out last evening in singapore.

On our way back , as if to see us off, it rained for a bit cooling the weather off to late twenties. A long metro ride back and we were finally where it all started, Changi airport. Of course the intent of reaching the airport a bit early was to enjoy at “the jeweL’, more specifically the sound and light show. The construction of the “jewel”, the aesthetics, the “in tune” with nature design, massive indoor water fall truly places SGP changi far ahead of the nearest competitor in best airports list.

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We still had more than 6 hours to our flight; the subway sandwich lasted me only half hour and we still had hours to kill. So we set camp and ..dozed off. By the time we woke up at 3 a.m, the flight check-in had begun. It took another 2 hours by the time we were in. Finally our journey was about to end. After landing, me and karthik had another subway sandwich at the airport as per tradition and it was end of another memorable journey.